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Your ACTions Will Always
Determine Your

Everybody wants results, but only a select few take MASSIVE ACTION!!!.

The question is...

Will You?

Take ACTION!!!

Antoine R. Rogers is not your average Strength & Conditioning Coach. He embodies motivation, discipline, and a love for helping others become the best version of themselves that just cannot be matched! He is a husband, brother, friend, and as he likes to be known "A Man Of GOD That Motivates." 

Antoine believes that everything starts in your mind FIRST, and he has dedicated his life inside and outside of the gym to inspiring and coaching his clients to become not just fit, but also healthy. The question is, 

Are You Ready To Take ACTion?


Training with ARR Fitness will promote a healthy heart, a strong body, and better endurance. Get real results when you join our squad and start training today!

The Take ACTion Way


ARR Fitness will give you the tools and guidance you need to push your body to the next level in the safest, most efficient ways. We help set you up for success and longevity on your fitness journey.

All ARR Fitness programs can be modified up or down. Our high-intensity strength and cardio training will push you no matter where you are on your fitness journey. You will gain the discipline you need to reach your fitness goals and maximize your quality of life. 



We keep you ahead of the game by preparing you in and out of the gym. Our team at ARR Fitness will help you get the fuel your body needs to produce real results. We're working to offer our clients simple meal plans that are easy to follow. Subscribe to our email list and stay tuned for all we have to come!


Work with the founder and owner of ARR Fitness Antoine R. Rogers to access 100% customized fitness on a flexible schedule. Your training is specifically designed to help you achieve your visions. Get access to guidance on every aspect of fitness from your dedicated coach. We Believe Strength Conditioning is the most holistic approach to health and wellness. Experience it for yourself!!! Let's Goooooooooo!!!

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Working with ARR Fitness is easy with our online booking process. Book the days that are most convenient for you or just give us a call to get you on the calendar. 

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It's ACTion Time

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