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Antoine R. Rogers

ACTions. Reap. Results.

My Story


My career has given me the opportunity to train with a variety of clients from doctors, nurses, flight attendants, dentists, young adults, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, and artists, but most importantly people that were tired of where they were with their bodies and they wanted to Take ACTion and make a change. I’ve assisted and motivated clients to take their fitness to the next level. Whether you're looking to lose 20lbs or gain muscle, ARR Fitness will assist you with just that.  First, we start with the proper mindset. Then, with the proper training program and nutrition. With over 10 years of experience, I’m more dedicated and passionate about my visions than ever.


I’m passionate about fitness because for a very long time when I was younger people would always say I was skinny, and let me tell you... I HATED THAT, LOL! So, I eventually became tired of that and decided to not just change and impact my own life but to do the same for others as well. I knew that if I was going through those types of criticisms that someone else in this world was going through the same thing. However, fitness isn’t just physical for me it’s also mental. Once I walk into the gym anything else that happened before disappears and it’s me against the weights and I make it a goal to win every time. I love training because it aids in my confidence to see the muscle gains I’ve attained through hard work,  which includes clean eating, dedication, and most importantly consistency.

Listen, this is the time now to make an impact on your life! Once you enter the space of ARR Fitness you won’t leave the same. But remember this, everyone wants results, but only a few are willing to take MASSIVE ACTION!!! The question is, WILL YOU?

ARR Fitness est. 2016
ISSA Certified, nutrition certification, Group Fitness Certification, strength, and conditioning certification, CPR Certified. A.R.R. Fitness was founded by Antoine R. Rogers in 2016. The meaning is
ACTions.Reap.Results. Every decision, every choice, every move, and every idea that comes to your mind requires action. Whatever actions you take today are going to determine the results you get not just for tomorrow but for the rest of your life. Make the decision. If you want to lose 5lbs take action and contact us. If you want to gain muscle, take action and contact us. If you want to run a marathon, take action and call us. Look, just take the first step and ARR Fitness will give you the tools you need to accomplish the rest. 

Antione Rogers


Fitness can be described as the state of being healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In my opinion, Antoine Rogers is the true definition of fitness. He exemplifies these components through his physical training and motivational tactics. As a first-time trainee of a physical trainer, I did not know what to expect when I made the decision to become “physically fit”. I appreciated the consultation phase when Antoine asked about my purpose for these training sessions, explained his style of training, and most of all assured me that he will motivate me 100% of the time. As a traveling nurse who usually works the night shift, it can be difficult to fall into unhealthy habitual behaviors such as eating snacks late at night, neglecting exercise, and lacking adequate rest.  Therefore, I knew this journey would be challenging. Antoine changed my mentality from thinking that “I can’t” to knowing that “I can” achieve anything I set my mind to do. In the beginning, I was so out of shape and could not do one push-up without feeling my arms would detach from my body at any given moment! I went from dreading push-ups, squat pulses and holds, and leg lifts to accomplishing those exercises plus more with Antoine’s words of encouragement! Now let’s be honest, his workouts are intense and you will feel like you have been hit by a car for few a days but it is well worth it! Although my time training was shortened due to relocating, I would train with him again in the future.


Best Regards,

Shavonda H.

Training is a discipline. Trainers are required to think through detailed workout plans costumed for each individual client's success. A.R.R. Fitness, by owner Antione Rogers was the beginning of my long-term fitness goals.

His skills and patience are the two things that kept me motivated personally. Dieting was hard for me and he gave me new ways of looking at my lifestyle change! For me, as I’m sure with every client, his raw emotions to help us achieve our goals were evident! He was made to train and be a Motivational Speaker. I signed up with him multiple times at different times of my life over a course of 3-4 years. My most memorable was me at my heaviest weight of 249.6lbs and his fitness camps at Piedmont Park was the push I needed. I wore my sauna suit and felt like dying after each exercise but he kept telling me to get up and push, so I did! As a client, you have to have major discipline outside your trainer. I made a promise to myself and to him unknowingly that I wanted to be what he also said I could, “Kessey Kess, be the best version of you!” I began to run a mile a day that turned into 2 and I stayed dedicated with my consistency for 21 days and lost 30 pounds. I became toner, faster, and stronger. My mental Stability finally started to match my physical. When you feel good you look good! I’m so grateful for him and his company!! 



Kessey Jill Cham 

I have been very fortunate to work with Antoine as my Personal Trainer. He constantly seeks information to stay current on training styles and different weight lifts. He listens to me and understands what I seek in training and adjusts his style to help me reach my fitness goal. Antoine is very caring, attentive, motivating, and fun to work out with. He pushes me to achieve my fitness goals beyond what I would do on my own... ”Give me five (5) more”, that is what he always says when I am about to give up – And I truly appreciate that extra push. I am very thankful for the results I see when I look at myself in the mirror – I couldn’t have done it without you, Antoine!

He also creates videos from our work out sections and I am very impressed on how much stronger and fit I have gotten.  I can truly see my improvements.  I love that!



I have been a client of Antoine’s for over 5 years! He is really an amazing trainer because he motivates me not only to help improve my physical capabilities but he is also a mental motivator. Encouraging me to achieve with my mind what I wanted to accomplish with my body. He always keeps me pushing until I finish each set, And when I don’t feel strong enough to continue pushing, he joins right in and let’s me know I’m unstoppable to keep me going! I lost over 40 lbs working with him and really developed a sense that I could do ANYTHING I put my mind to. For anyone looking for physical and personal motivation, he is the best choice!

-Hannah Gabrielle

Image by Anastase Maragos

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